About Salem Title

Salem Title Corp. is a descendant of title companies founded in 1908. We have the only title plant in Washington County, Indiana and that plant dates from entry. The Plant is computerized since 1992. Our Salem facility is located on the Salem Square and has been in the same location since 1962.  


The owner, Lewis Maudlin has been practicing real estate law for 18 years. Our searchers average 20 years experience. Salem Title Corporation’s employees are land title professionals. Our industry ensures that people have clear ownership rights – rights that help them to create wealth, and drive the nation’s economy. 


The title process is a detailed and extensive one. Title professionals take extraordinary time and use expert skill to search public records and title plants for judgments, liens, and other potential problems. We then go to work to resolve title issues, reduce people’s risk, and prepare for the transaction process. In the end, our work assures people’s ownership rights and helps protect them from future claims

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